Reading Log: “The Wisdom of Insecurity” – Allan Watts

“It is convention alone which persuades me that I am simply this body bounded by a skin in space, and by birth and death in time.”

“It is obvious that the only interesting people are interested people, and to be completely interested is to have forgotten about “I”.”

“What he [the scientist] does not know seems to increase in geometric progression to what he knows. Steadily he approaches the point where what is unknown is not a mere blank space in a web of words but a window in the mind, a window whose name is not ignorance but wonder.”

  • Gives some insight into what religion could have originally meant.
  • Thoughts about who/what a person is.
  • There is only the present moment. Memories are not the same as experiencing the past. Living for the future is not experiencing the now and robs one of the present moment, as one will still be planing for the future once the imagined happy event has come to pass.

Note: Written in the 50es – no gender balance.

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