Minimal Steps for Migrating a Simple WordPress Site to DigitalOcean


  • Backup Website with All-in-One WP Migration and save backup somewhere safe.
  • Have an Account at DigitalOcean.
  • Have a way to connect to a remote server through SSH (e.g. using console or a client like PuTTY).
  • Have a domain name registered for your website and set it up as described in step one below.

This HowTo will become obsolete when Ubuntu 16.04 is not the newest LTS Ubuntu version.

There are very easy to follow tutorials on DigitalOcean, so I will here only provide the links and a useful order.

  1.  Set up a WordPress one-click install droplet.
  2.  Next set up a sudo user separate from root. The second part about the firewall can be ignored because the one-click install handles this for us.
  3.  Now we want to secure our server with Let’s Encrypt to have an SSL certificate, so we can use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  4. Install the All-in-one WP Migrate plugin and import your backup of the site. Note, this changes your WP login credentials back to those of your original site.


Note, this process does only care about having a functioning website at the end of it again. It does not consider things like SEO etc.

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