RIKEN impressions

Welcome to RIKEN  ー 理化学研究所へようこそう

Main Entrance of RIKEN

RIKEN is a large research institute in Japan. Its main campus is located in Wako-shi, a little north of Tokyo. Some of its achievements include two Nobel prizes, the creation of element 113 and the SPring-8. It also celebrates its 100th anniversary and is selling these adorable Hello Kitty RIKEN scientist.


I haven’t had much time for science yet, but instead met a lot of new people. The weather was really nice and I was invited to TWO hanami by my colleagues.

Notice the good quality – thanks to Roberto!

I also got a really nice, spacious apartment on the campus. I managed to get me some kitchen utensils and cleaning stuff. But unfortunately I was a little scatterbrained during cooking and overdid it with the flavouring.. TWICE! I should probably just stick to the cafeteria for a while. They have good food.

I’ll leave you with some impressions from my way to work…

Notice the good quality – thanks to Roberto!

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