To make being apart from my sweetheart a little more bearable, I made some plushies for the both of us.

The pattern is from Choly Knight over at Sew desu ne? and worked really well.

I had never made a plushie before, so it was quite challenging but it was a lot of fun to see them grow from pieces of fabric to recognisable fishes. I love the pattern and am very happy with the result all in all, but I wish I did some things differently:

  • Not using blue tailor’s chalk on the white fabric. I couldn’t remove it properly, and now there are blueish regions on the poor fish.
  • Use a proper basting stitch to hold the fins in place, so the stitch does not cause the fabric to roll up.
  • Find a way to keep the fabric from sliding around while sewing. The pins were not enough. Due to the sliding around there are some bumps (especially on the red fish’s face) where there should be none.
  • Leave a bit more seam allowance so I can correct mistakes more easily.

Skills acquired: Hand Applique Stitch, Stuffing, Ladder Stitch, Fusible Webbing, Applique zig-zag stitch.

Materials used: Nicky plush, Power Füll, thin Vliesline (two layers), Sewing Tools.

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